Introducing the Dream Hair Towel: the dreamiest microfiber towel your hair has ever met!

LESS TIME GETTING READY: Ready to cut your morning routine time in half so you can do the things you love? This is the perfect product for you. Dry hair quickly, and spend less time fighting frizz.
EASY TO SECURE: You've got a million things to do, and you can't have your hair towel slowing you down. Our turban is the perfect length, and with our button-loop system, you can enjoy secure comfort.
ULTRA-ABSORBENT: With our hair wrap, you can soak up all of that excess water in your hair instead of wrapping a clunky bath towel on your head or having it drip all over your outfit.
LIGHTWEIGHT: No more headaches or sore neck muscles from carrying that big, clumsy towel on your head all morning. This wrap is lightweight, so you can get into your morning groove with ease.


Must we say more? What are you waiting for? Grabs yours before they are gone! 

Available on Amazon Prime and www.subeauty.shop