The hair product that is the MOST underrated!

You've just washed your hair. Now for the most tedious and least pleasurable part...drying!

You're towel-drying your hair, it's taking an age, and you're growing increasingly impatient – you have things to do and places to be!

Enter, the Su Beauty Dream Hair Turban to save the day! 

Anytime we hear someone complain about how long it takes to blow dry their hair, we always ask them if they are using their bathing towel. Sadly they all, say yes, they are using a regular bathing towel to dry their hair before blow drying. 

Cringe face has entered the chat😳

Rubbing your hair with a traditional towel can damage it, causing split-ends due to the friction. However, when washing your hair, the warm temperatures of the water cause the hair cuticles to expand and open, leading to nightmares such as frizz and damage. Traditional bathing towel-drying means that excess water remains in the hair too long, prolonging the potential for damage.

The easy to use, lightweight, super-absorbent, super-soft, and might we say SUPER cuter (yes we said "cuter") solution?

Microfiber towels...but wait, not your average run of the mill, over played microfiber towel. You need a microfiber towel that was specifically designed for YOU in mind.

Su Beauty, Dream Hair Turban, is not only super soft (like a cloud...peep the clouds everywhere), but is a simple to use hair turban designed to remove excess water in minutes. For your healthiest and strongest hair, use the towel to gently pat down your hair, pressing out the water, before wrapping your hair for 10-15 minutes. Healthy hair has never been so low-maintenance!


Su ("Sue") Beauty

Su Beauty is available on Amazon Prime 


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