The Art of Hair Plopping

Your curls bout to be plopping, your curly bout be cool! Your curls won't be stopping, your curls will rule! 

Let's be honest here: If you have curly hair and you've never tried plopping, you've been missing out on some of the BEST hair days of your freakin' life.

Lol..wait...what's "plopping"?

The newest internet trend? No...plopping has been around the block for years but only in the past few months (thanks to TikTok), plopping has been popping up everywhere! 

Plopping is a specific drying technique to enhance your wet curls and cut down on frizz/flyaways while they dry. 

As far as how it works, it's essentially "plopping" your curls onto a microfiber towel (*coughs like Dream Hair Turban ) and then wrapping it on your head to dry.

Plopping, keeps your wet curls compact and scrunched, accordion-style, on the top of your head, so your roots stay volumized, your curls stay clumped, and your hair cuticle stays smooth (thanks to the soft micro fiber fabric).

The technique allows your curls to stay intact, wards off frizz, BOOSTS volume, and keeps you from that all-too-tempting habit of playing with your hair as it dries, which is what makes it frizzy in the first place (paws off).

Now, plopping can take a little bit of practice at first, but the end results are worth any potential trial and error. So to help you get started on your plopping journey, We've broken down the EXACT instructions, tips you'll need before starting. Get your seatbelts fastened, your curls are about to go on a ride!  

How does one "plop" their hair?

There are a few ways you can plop your hair depending on what you're using ( T-shirt, Dream Hair Turban, Pillowcase, etc.). 

Step #1

Make sure you wash your hair and apply your favorite stylers, ( styling mousse, butter, cream, or gel), that you usually use for the texture of your hair.

Step #2

Spread the cloth or towel down on a flat surface, then lean over it and place your head against the surface, positioning the hair onto it so that all the curls are concentrated on the top of the head. Grab the bottom of the fabric of your choice and lay it over your head (so it is touching the nape of your neck). LOL, you are basically creating a little bag around your curls. 

Step #3

Grab the sides of the towel and start twisting them away from your face. It should look like two big twists on the sides of your head. Then twist the rolls towards the back of your head in a little/big bun (depending on hair length and thickness). You can pin or use a hair tie to secure it in place and you will look just like famous Princess Leia.

*Or if you are using the Dream Hair Turban; center your hair, twist as normal, but with little to no hair in the twist until it is secure enough to secure on the loop on the nape of your neck. 

Step #4

Leave it on for a desired amount of time (there is no right or wrong answer here), but usually about 20 minutes is enough for hair to dry completely. Or our personal favorite is to plop overnight (if you suffer from dandruff DO NOT PLOP OVERNIGHT), while you sleep. 2 birds, 1 stone! It all depends on your hair type, length, porosity, and lifestyle. 

Step #5

After desired amount of wait time, ta-da! Your curls are ready and popping! 




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